aipeu puri

aipeu puri

Saturday 2 April 2016

Circle Union Odisha and Tamilnadu wrote to CHQ regarding CBS Problem

Respected Comrade , 

Im forwarding herewith the copy of email received from
Com. R. C. Mishra, Circle Sec., P3,Odisha.

The same is the feeling of several other Circle Secretaries
who are conveying this  over phone.

This is for your kind notice and for taking suitable action at the 

fraternally yours,


rc mishra

6:53 PM (14 hours ago)
to me
Dear Comrade,
The plight of Cl-III Employees of the country has gone beyond tolerence due to implementation of CBS & CIS. Inspite of resolutions made in the CWC at Chandigarh, no agitational programme at All India level is forth-coming in the scenerio of differment of strike date by NJCA. The assurances given by CBS Directorate in the informal meeting with S.G NFPE & S.G.FNPO have no meaning at all. The installation of 2nd Server has casted no impact in the improvement of connectivity. I think the inhuman torture on a particular class i.e. P3 is not taken with due seriousness and why not a strike call be given by CPJCA including all other common issues? What happened to the call of CPJCA, earlier given with 7 Charter of demands. The P3 comrades through out the country are feeling neglected. I have ventilated my displeasure also not taking due stress on toiling p3 employees of the country.

Yours Comradely

C.S. AIPEU, Gr-C, Odisha.