aipeu puri

aipeu puri

Tuesday 19 April 2016

Join NFPE Save Postal Service.

NFPE adopts its struggling path since Babu Tarapada  Joined as Clerk In Kolkata in 1895,since Babu Tarapada sent a strong message from Ist AIC of our union held at Lahore (now in Pakisthan) in 1921 that '' Workers are not beggars,they are the salt of earth''. .this message itself speaks  evidently that NFPE is not only a union ,nor a association it is a way of life which teaches and preaches  high quality of  service life of working class with full dignity and honour. The red colour itself justifies the high frequency and standard.It never prefer a path of flattering and falsehood making,it always choose a fighting path.All that we enjoy today like wages,DAs,Bonus, OTA Incentives,leave,allowances,advances, etc etc etc etc.....are  due to the sacrifices of our great leaders and die hard members in past.The saga is going on since Babu Tarapada to Com.Krishnan and KVS.It will go on and on and on........

Hence dear all, NFPE is NFPE ,
It is incomparable,unparalleled.Each and every member of NFPE is strong and bold enough like a cub ,lives with honour and dignity ,the class oriented trade union always think about working class,fight for them,sacrifices for its members .NFPE roar like a lion,it has its own quality and capability.
  Join NFPE.... Strengthen the working class.