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Tuesday 23 April 2013





Part - A  : General Knowledge (English & Hindi) (questions : 01 to 25)
Part - B  : Mathematics ( English & Hindi) (questions 26 to 50 )
Part - C  : English (questions 51 to 75)
Part - D  : Reasoning & Analytical ability (questions 76 to 100)

The following question paper copies are extracted from other websites for information only & the part of Hindi version in the question paper is visible  incomplete and  available part (English) is published.

Friday 19 April 2013

Postal Assistant Exam Model Cum Practice Paper for Direct Recruitment-2013

                                MODEL CUM PRACTICE PAPER

Marks: 100                                             Duration: 2 hours

Instructions to Candidates

1. Answer All the Questions
2. Each question Carries “1” Mark
3. Round off the appropriate choice in OMR sheet

          (General Knowledge & Current Affairs) 
1. Scientist in the month of December revealed a planet that could support life, orbits a Sun-like star near the Earth. What is the name of the star around which this planet was found orbiting?

1. Tau Ceti                 2. Sirius                      3. Ophiuchi               4.Gliese 33

2.Park Guen –hye has beenelected as the first women President of 

1. Thailand                2.Vietnam                  3. South Korea          4.Maurritius

3. The term “Chucker” is used in which sports? 

1.Football                  2. Horse Racing        3. Wrestling               4. Polo

4. Which of the following fairs is not correct

1. Rangaswamy Cup-Hockey                    2. Rovers Cup- Football
3.Federation Cup-Badminton                    4.Deodhar Trophy-Cricket

5.  Who wrote the Book entitled ‘Ghulamgiri’ ?

1B. R. Ambedkar   2. Narayan Guru    3. Jyotiba Phule     4. M. P. Pillai

6.   How many censuses (including the 2011 census) have been carried out since independence?

1. 05                   2. 06                   3. 07                   4. 08

7. Consider the following

A.  Fundamental Rights  
B. Fundamental Duties  
C. Directive Principles of   State policy

In India the provisions related to “education” have been embodied  in which among the above 

1.  A & B                     2. B & C                      3. A & C           4. A&B&C

8. Under which Constitutional Amendment Act, Article 368 of the Constitution was amended for the first time— 

1. 25th Amendment Act                              2. 26th Amendment Act
3. 24th Amendment Act                              4. 27th Amendment Act

9. Who finally approves the draft of Five year plans

1. Parliament and State Legislatures        2.National Development Council
3. Planing Commission                               4. Presiodent

10.  What was main contribution of Jainism to Indian Philosophy?

1. The doctrine of rebirth                            2. The doctrine of Syadvada
3. The doctrine of immortality of soul      4. The doctrine of Brahma is nirguna



Union Cabinet today approved the proposal to increase dearness allowance (DA) to 80 per cent, from existing 72 per cent, benefiting about 50 lakh employees and 30 lakh pensioners of the central government.

The hike would be effective from January 1, 2013 and the employees and pensioners will be entitled to arrears.

Monday 15 April 2013

India Post, TCS to sign Rs 1,400 cr IT deal on Monday

NEW DELHI: IT major TCSBSE -1.63 % has bagged the Rs 1,400-crore project of India Post for computerising counter operations and the two parties will sign a pact on Monday, a top government official has said.

The project is divided into two parts --two years for implementation and five years of maintenance.

"We will sign agreement with TCS on Monday for computerising counter operations under core system integration of India Post. Around Rs 1,400 crore has been earmarked for the project," Department of Post Secretary P Gopinath told.

The government has approved Rs 4,909 crore for phase II of modernisation of post offices under which the department is gearing up for providing real time core banking services as well.

The Indian IT companies, which earn major part of their revenues from foreign markets especially the US and Europe, are betting big on the domestic government projects.

TCS had also bagged the mission mode e-governance project and Passport Seva Project from the MEA in October, 2008.

InfosysBSE -21.33 % has bagged a 700-crore project that would help India Post transform its banking and insurance operations cross 1,50,000 post offices in the country. The Department of Post has started deploying modern technology solution to develop core banking capability across post offices. As part of modernisation, it has set a deadline of March 31 to computerise all department post offices.

The IT modernisation project approved the Cabinet was divided in three parts: Pilot, Phase I and Phase II.

In phase 1, DoP has to roll out modern IT solution in six circles namely, Assam, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh.

The project included computerisation of all post offices, core banking solutions including installation of 1000 ATMs, mail tracking, customer service call center and introducing eCommerce solution, handheld devices for post masters for update on services like mails, money order etc.

Some activities like installation of ATMs under Phase 1 are yet to be completed by the department.

Under phase II of the IT project, DoP has plans to roll out modern IT solution in rest of the country.

Source:The Economic Times

Saturday 13 April 2013


India Post today marked the centenary of Mumbai GPO building, with the release of Commemorative Postage Stamp by Ms P. Gopinath, Secretary (Posts) and Chairperson, Postal Services Board, Government of India, at a function held in a precincts of the heritage building.   

As of the celebration, India Post has also orgnaised a philatelic exhibition on Mumbai at ground floor of the GPO.   

GPO, through the ages 

General Post Office, Mumbai was established in the year 1794 by the then Postmaster General for Bombay Presidency, Charles Elphinstone. Strategically located near the Chhatrapati Shivaji Railway Terminus and the Sea Port to allow quick transfer of mail from overseas and inland, this office has been serving the common man for over 200 years.   

The present GPO building was designed by John Begg, Consulting Architect and the construction was completed in 1913.  

The building is a magnificent example of the Indo-Saracenic style adopted by the British in India. Built in local grey Kurla Basalt with dressings of yellow stone from Malad and white stone from Dhragandhara, the architecture reflects a strong influence of Islamic architecture in its skyline dominated by domes and minarets.  

The most remarkable feature of the interior of the GPO is its central dome, which has distinctive3 resemblance to the Gol Gumbaz of Bijapur. It has a diameter of 65 feet, which is the largest in the city. Turrets and minarets resemble Moghul Architecture.   

Mumbai GPO to offer core banking services soon

The business hall of Mumbai GPO is unique with 101 counters and serves about 40,000 customers a day. The renovated portion of Mumbai GPO known as ‘Bicentenary Hall”occupies 10,000 sq.ft. area and has been provided with modern amenities like computerised savings bank, multipurpose counter machines etc.   

Today, Mumbai GPO is counted among the major post offices in the country offering a bouquet of traditional and modern services. It is a one stop-shop for all postal services and can truly be called a ‘Post Mall’.   

Mumbai GPO will soon be offering Core Banking Services for its esteemed customers with a state of the art ATM. Very soon Mumbai GPO will be awarded ISO certification from Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS)  

Thursday 11 April 2013


The D. A. proposal is pending clearance of cabinet. PM is reaching Delhi on 12th. We expect it to be cleared by Tuesday next.

Tuesday 2 April 2013

Memorandum submitted to Secretary, Department of Posts, by Postal Joint Council of Action (PJCA) on 01.04.2013

The meeting of the Postal Joint Council of Action (PJCA) comprising Secretary General and General Secretaries of the National Federation of Postal Employees (NFPE) and Federation of National Postal Organisations (FNPO) has reviewed the situation prevailing in the Department of Posts, regarding settlement of the following long pending demands of the staff side. The meeting viewed with grave concern the inordinate delay in implementing the assurances given to the staff side both during the discussion on strike charter of demands and also in the JCM Departmental Council meetings, causing large scale resentment among the Postal and RMS employees including Gramin Dak Sevaks and casual, Part time and contingent employees.
As the new Secretary, Department of Posts, has taken over charge only recently, the JCA decided to bring all the important/pending cases once again to the notice of the Secretary, Posts for early settlement, before resorting to agitational programmes. Accordingly we submit the following long pending cases for your immediate intervention and early favorable action.
1.      Issues relating to Gramin Dak Sevaks
The Following specific assurances given by Secretary, Department of Posts, are yet to be implemented.
(a)   Enhancement of Bonus ceiling – In the matter of enhancement of Bonus ceiling to 3500/- of Gramin Dak Sevaks, it was assured that another attempt will be made to get the approval of the Finance Ministry. It was informed that the file has already been submitted to Finance Ministry with the favourable recommendations of the Postal Board and Minster, Communications.
(b)   Revision of Cash handling norms
On the issue of withdrawal of upward change in cash handling norms etc, it was assured that the entire issue will be re-examined. A DDG level committee was also constituted. Minster of States for Communications has also assured the staff side that needful will be done in this case.
(c)    Ensuring no reduction of TRCA under any circumstances
It was assured by Minster of State for Communications that orders for full protection of TRCA will be issued. But, in the orders issued by the Directorate, protection is given for one year only and thereafter if workload is not increased TRCA will be reduced without any protection. As per the earlier orders protection was given up to the maximum of the lower TRCA even if workload is reduced. As per the new order after one year there will be no protection at all. When workload is reduced due to circumstances beyond the Control of the GDS, reducing the TRCA is quite unjustified and inhuman.
(d)   Removal of minimum 50 points conditions for GDS compassionate appointment:
(e)   Redeployment of mailman posts in new areas
(f)     Review of cash conveyance allowance – Monthly ceiling of Rs. 50/- to be removed.
(g)   Introduction of Health Scheme.
(h)   Norms for RPLI
(i)     Providing norms for cash remittance from BO to AO & Vice Versa
In the minutes dated 12.07.2010 it was informed that the issues of the Health Scheme has been taken up with the nodal Ministries still it is pending.
2.      Immediate finalization of Cadre Restructuring:
After the marathon discussion on the problems put forth in the strike charter on 10.01.2012 & 12.01.2012, Secretary, Department of Posts, has assured both orally and also in the minutes, inter alia;
“As recorded in the minutes of the meeting held on 27.12.2011, the proposal is under consideration of a committee under the Chairpersonship of DDG (P). The Staff side expressed their concern about the undue delay in fianalisation of the proposal on which the Secretary Posts, desired finalization of this process by 31st March 2012. It was assured that the timelines would be adhered to”. As regards restructuring of Postal Accounts officials, it was informed that the proposal was cleared by the JS&FA and stands referred to the Secretary (Posts). It was also decided to have a separate Committee under the Chairpersonship of Ms. Sandhya Rani, PMG (BD) Andhra Pradesh Circle to consider Cadre Restructuring of MMS staff. The Committee will submit its report within three months from the date of formation.”
Again in the Minutes of the discussion held with the staff side on 21.052012, it is further assured as follows:
“It was decided to formulate a proposal by 30th June 2012 for further examination in consultation with the nodal Ministries. Regarding cadre restricting of Postal Accounts it was assured that the matter will be pursued further with Postal Accounts wing and Establishment division and the PJCA will be kept appraised of the progress in the regard.”
Again during the JCM, Departmental Council standing Committee meeting held on 18.12.2012 and JCM (DC) Meeting held on 28.12.2012 it was assured as follows:
“It was informed that the report of the committee is under consideration. Proposal will be formulated by the Department. However, one round of talks with JCM members will be held before the proposal is firmed up.”
At one stage, the staff side has made it clear that if the department goes on dragging the cadre restructuring issue indefinitely, the staff side will be forced to non-cooperate with the IT Modernisation project.
It was repeatedly assured that the cadre restructuring will not be linked with the IT Modernisation Project. But still the proposals are not finalized. No meeting of the Cadre Restructuring Committee by the Postal Board was held during the last one year. The undue and unwarranted delay is causing concern and also strong resentment among the employees.
3.      Revision of wages of casual labourers and their absorption
In the minutes of the discussion held with the staff side on 10.01.2012 & 123.01.2012, the Secretary (Posts) has assured as follows:
“The Staff side was appraised that a Committee had been constituted under the Chairpersonship of CPMG Assam Circle to look into the issues pertaining to Casual Labourers and it is likely to submit its report shortly. The Staff side expressed its concern over the delay in the decision. Regarding the union’s request for revised minimum wages w.e.f 01.01.2006, the matter will be examined on priority.”
Again in the minutes of the discussion held on 21.05.2012, it was further assured that____
“A Comprehensive proposal on the matter of Casual labourers will be formulated by 30th June 2012.”
In spite of these repeated assurances the payment of pro-rate wages to the law-paid casual labourers w.e.f 01.01.2006 has not taken place causing inordinate delay in payment of minimum wages to those poor employees.
4.      Issuing orders on the items finalized by the Postmen Committee and also follow up action on certain items to be referred to work study Unit.
(a)   Follow up action on certain in items of the Postmen Committee constituted by the Postal Board, is yet to be completed, i.e; maximum beat length, unscientific resorting to single Postmen beats, Double duty, correction in the definition of the Congested area etc.
(b)   In spite of Clear orders issued by the Directorate for filling up of Postmen & MTS Vacancies for the year 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012, in certain circles (Eg. Andhra Pradesh) the examination for promotion to Postmen and MTS is not yet completed.
5.      Abnormal delay in notifying HSG-I Rectt. Rules
The finalization of revised HSG-I Recruitment Rules is being delayed on one pretext or the other. This is pending over five years. 100% of HSG I posts are lying vacant and are being managed by officiating arrangements without any financial benefits. Due to the delay in finalizing HSG I Recruitment Rules, Carving out of Postmaster Grade III is also delayed. It is most unfortunate that orders have been issued by the Directorate not to fill up the HSG I vacancies as per the old Recruitment rules. At least this would have been caused to fill up the vacancies.
It has defeated the very purpose of matching savings offered to the extent of 680 PA posts for availing HSG I Promotion and it is highly deplorable. Necessary action may please be taken to finalise the HSG-I Recruitment Rules or at least to fill all the vacant posts forthwith besides carving out of Postmaster Grade III Posts as per the existing HSG I Recruitment Rules.
6.         Abnormal delay in filling up of vacant LSG, HSG II and HSG-I vacancies due to non-holding of DPCs in many circles
In many circles, the regular DPC to LSG has not been convened. Many LSG Posts are being kept vacant resultantly causing a heavy shortage in PA cadre due to their officiating. Further the delay caused non filling up of HSG-II Post due to inadequacies in the eligible candidates in LSG cadre. In many circles, HSG-II DPC has also not been convened and many of the HSG-II Posts could not be filled up on a regular basis due to the officiating of the incumbents in the vacant HSG I Posts.
In nutshell all the higher posts are being managed only with the officiating or adhoc arrangements causing non filling up of basic PA posts and denying and depriving the due promotional chances to the eligible candidates .
It is therefore requested to cause appropriate orders to convene DPC and fill up all the vacant LSG & HSG II posts immediately by prescribing time schedule
7.      Problems of Postmaster Cadre Officials
(i)      Allowing Postmaster Cadre officials to appear for IP and PSS Group B examination.
(ii)     Orders permitting the Postmaster Cadre official to officiate in HSG-I vacancies and earmarked Postmaster Grade III Posts.
(iii)    Allow PO & RMS Accounts cadre official to opt for Postmasters cadre
(iv)    Filling up the Postmaster Grade-III posts by granting promotion to Grade-II officials and also by option from HSG-I officials after filling up all HSG-I posts
(v)     Filing up of all vacant Grade II and Grade III posts promoting the Postmaster cadre official relaxing the minimum service condition.
(vi)    Filling up 100% Senior Postmaster/Chief Postmaster posts which are earmarked for Postmaster cadre by Postmaster Cadre officials alone declaring it as a hierarchical promotion cadre of Postmaster Cadre.
(vii)   Delay in holding LSG, HSG II and HSG – I DPCs and thereby denying the chance for giving option to Postmaster Grade – I, II & III to eligible officials.
(viii) Maintenance of up to date separate gradation list for PM Cadre officials.
In the minutes of the discussion held on 21.05.2012 the Secretary (Posts) has assured as follows:
“The issue was discussed at length and it was decided to review it after sometime keeping in view the merits and demerits of the proposal as well as the response of the officials for Postmasters Cadre.”
The minutes did not reflect the real spirit of discussion as it was assured to consider favourably the above items after long discussion. However, it is high time to review the above cases and settle favourably. The entire Postmaster Cadre officials are totally frustrated and disappointed due to the negative attitude of the administration towards them.
8.      Problems of System Administrators
In the minutes of the Departmental Council JCM Standing Committee dated 02.02.2012 (communicated in letter dated 06.06.2012) for the 15 items pertaining to system Administrators including creation of separate cadre, it is furnished as follows:
“The issue is under the consideration of the cadre Restructuring Committee constituted under the chairmanship of DDG (P) vide Department’s office memo no. 01/04/2010-Sr dated 05.05.2011”
Finalization of the proposal by the Cadre Restructuring Committee is being delayed indefinitely. Recently, during the demonstration of IT Modernisation Project, the Staff side has repeatedly requested the Member (Technology) to create a separate cadre and absorb all the existing SAs as a onetime measure in the new cadre. Unfortunately no commitment was given regarding the creation of new cadre, except the assurance that the services of the existing system Administrators will be utilized in future also. It is high time to end the present uncertainty by creating a separate cadre for System Administrators.
9.      Implementation of speed Post hubs and L1, L2 System
The High Power Committee appointed to discuss the issues under the Chairpersonship of then Secretary, Department of Posts assured the following before implementation of MNOP proposals.
(i) There will be no shifting of staff from L1 office to L2 office vice versa for three years.
(ii) Irregular or wrong identification of L1 office will be changed after discussion with the staff side.
But to our dismay both the promises were not kept. There is a complete violation and deviation of assurances. Further, eventhough directorate has issued instruction to the Chief PMGs regarding change of administrative jurisdiction of speed post hubs, certain Chief PMGs have not yet implemented it and still some of the speed post hubs are continuing under the administrative jurisdiction of postal superintendent.
Further, CRC & Speed post norms have been finalized without any consultation with staff side. The impracticable norms have been imposed upon violating the earlier decision and agreements on the subject.
10.  MACP Related issues
The implementation of the Jodhpur CAT Judgment; i.e. non-counting of promotions acquired from one cadre to other through examination for MACP, Granting of MACP counting the total service rendered in each cadre etc  has not been implemented resulting deprival of dues to the senior most promotees in the Department of Posts. This may kindly be considered.
11.  Problems of APM Accounts/Accountants
The following demands in respect of PO & RMS Accountants have not been considered yet causing resentment and displeasure amidst the qualified hands.
(i)      Proportionate distribution of APM Accounts posts among LSG, HSG II and HSG-I
(ii)     Counting special allowance for pay fixation benefits to PO & RMS Accountants on promotion. Implementation of Karnataka High court order not only for a specific period but also till the withdrawal of the TBOP/BCR schemes in true spirit. The special allowance should be taken for pay fixation up to 31.08.2008 for TBOP/BCR officials.
(iii)    Date of passing Accountants exam may be taken as the criteria for counting seniority for promotion, since no amendment has so far been issued to the statutory rules. Further the earlier passing of examination will have no relevance in future.
12.  Filling up of all vacant posts
Even though Government of India has lifted ban on filling up of posts from 2009 onwards, and the Directorate has given repeated instructions to fill up all direct recruitment as well as promotional quota of vacancies up to 2012, in many circles posts are remaining unfilled. Similarly in Postal Accounts much delay in taking place in filling up of posts due to delay in finalization of the Recruitment process by staff selection commission. Action may be taken to fill up all vacant posts from 2009 onwards on top priority basis as the staff are reeling under the pressure of workload which in turn affects the efficiency of the services rendered by the Department of posts.
In conclusion, we hope that all the above issues will be given top most priority and the Hon’ble Secretary, Department of Posts, shall come forward for a negotiated settlement with the staff side in a time bound manner.
13.  Non settlement of agreed items placed in the Departmental Council (JCM)
Most of the issues agreed in the last Departmental Council meeting held on 28.12.2012 have not been processed further. Many of them remain as it is. There is no serious action taken in mitigating the issues put forth in the departmental council meeting.
Awaiting early action
Yours faithfully,
SD/-                                                                                                                 SD/-
(D. Theagarajan)                                                                                             (M. Krishnan)
Secretary General, FNPO                                                                                Secretary General, NFPE
Mob: 09444841440                                                                                         Mob: 09447068125