aipeu puri

aipeu puri

Wednesday 13 April 2016


Dakiya ran with a cleft stick carrying the dak in rain and shine
at night amidst resinous twigs to guide, crossing rivers swollen,
trekking snowcapped regions, popping dense forest routes
with spear and dangling bells, daring burning tigers, venomous coils and beasts;
mastering the art, now a long distance runner covering surface at pace,
the old taking on wings of a mechanical pigeon to explore new spheres.

The Mughal Dak, Company Dak of yesteryears,
Now India Post, the Post of the state for people delivers
far and wide, at highest point at Hikkim, and at lowest shores;
Letters, cards, meghdoot and adhesive stamps, philately and franking
Leaving behind metal tickets and tokens for an easy driving,
Rewriting history in ornate colors vowed to bridge distances, to touch lives running.

Streamlined with PIN, and EMS and premium products, committed to serve better,
in addition to mails, small savings and insurance for security and prosperity ever,
India post with project arrow cherishes look good, feel good vein
Now unveiling a new logo-yellow wings vibe on a red envelop plane
Passion, power and commitment in fusion with hope, joy and happiness
Color of joy in yellow added to the redness of traditional posts.

Long live India Post, Ageless is thy Post, running fast and first.


Prafulla Sahu ,Business Executive
Dhenkanal HO
Odisha 759001