aipeu puri

aipeu puri

Monday 31 March 2014


Com.Harekrushna Muduli Dy Postmaster Nayagarh HO,retired on superannuation on 31.03.2014.Com.H K Muduli,holding the charge of President of our divisional union till date.
A soft-spoken,diligent,hardworking departmental employee 
Com.H K.Muduli joined in this department as a postal clerk on06th oct,1977 at  Ranpur sub post office.Since then he was very much popular as a good worker as well as a simple,sober,smart and sensible soldier of the NFPE.He  has been an inevitable part of all struggle movement of the divisional union .From an active member of NFPE,since the era of Com.Satyabadi Behura, and the great Com.Suresh Mohanty he procured a special  place in trade union activity in Puri division.even if some of our front lined  comrades  were victimized under rule-37 in the year 1996 he continued the fight for federation .With pride and prestige he carried the red banner till  today.
 since 06.10.1977 to 31st mar 2014 he served for the department as well as union with a  unblemished track record.The vacuum caused aftermath his retirement is not at all replaceable. An unparallel ,dynamic,daredevil and die-hard leader like Com Muduli has been an institution for us. 

We offer com.Muduli a million dollar red salute.
Long live NFPE,Long live Com.muduli

we published herewith some snaps of sweet memories with Com.Muduli.