aipeu puri

aipeu puri

Saturday 13 August 2016

Accounts: Update of Seventh CPC Calculation and arrears available. For download login to CEPT, Mysore website:

Seventh CPC Arrears Calculator Released by CEPT

Procedure for upgradation:
1.Stop all the accounts related applications
2.Take Accounts database backup
3.Execute the attached exl (Accounts11082016.exl) using script tool (script common for Arrears Tool and pay bill)
4.Replace the existing accoutns exe with latest accounts exe
5.Config file is nor mandatory, copy arrears exe to accopunts application path
6.Procedure for configuration of accounts is enclosed in separate file (SeventhCPCArears.doc)

The issue of receipt of duplicate COD delivery message has been fixed.
ePaymentClient.exe to be updated in all COD delivery offices.
Replace the existing ePaymentClient.exe the new ePaymentClient.exe.

Download from the following link.