aipeu puri

aipeu puri

Tuesday 15 March 2016


CSV File Creator For McCamish By PoTools

Note: Ensure the PLI/RPLI Correctness in Schedule database before executing the below Tool.
McCamish CSV File creator Tool is designed for updating the PLI/RPLI schedule data in McCamish. Tool has fetch the PLI RPLI data from schedule database and it will be corrected. In this correction process, Multiple entries are converted into single entry with available data as per requirement of CSV format. Some unwanted entries also deleted in this stage like New Policies, Policies having only numbers without prefix and suffix.
McCamish CSV Creator tool may take more time if volume of policies are more.
Be patient, till completion of execution. Finally you will surely get a Formatted CSV file for uploading in McCamish.

Do follow the instruction: Enjoy.

  1. Download attached Tool from PoTools blog.
  2. Execute the same from Meghdoot Configured Server.
  3. Open the downloaded Tool then click on Fetch/Correct PLI RPLI data from Schedule.
  4. Enter Server Name, if the above Tool executed from other than server Machine. No need to feed server name if executed from Meghdoot Server, Just Press an Enter Key.
  5. In this stage, PLI/RPLI data's are fetching from the server machine and then the data will be corrected automatically at the time of completion.
  6. Once the above process completed, Next Click on Calculate Service Tax & Generate CSV File. This process also contains two stages. In first stage Service tax will be calculated to the corrected PLI/RPLI data available in Master DB. Once the Service Tax is calculated then CSV file will be created automatically.
Note: Created CSV file may be not in proper format. you may filter data then correct it manually by individual policies. Delete the duplicate data if any. All the correction wherever required you should be done in the CSV file before uploading the same.

Click below link to Download McCamish CSV File Creator