aipeu puri

aipeu puri

Thursday 12 November 2015

Promotion and postings in Postal Service Group 'B' cadre - order dated 10.11.2015

The following officers of Odisha Circle have been promoted to PS Group-B cadre and allotted to the Circles as mentioned against each below:- 
Sl. No.    Name                       Circle/Units allotted 
1. S/Shri Bhagabat Serhi*              Assam 
2.        Banamali Patra*                  Assam 

3.        H.S. Mohapatra*                  Assam 
4.        Bipin Bihari Negi                  Assam 
5.        Sk. Md. Noman                     Assam 
6.        Ashok Ku. Rath                    PTC, Guwahati 
7.        Srikant Ch. Sahoo                Postal Directorate 
8.        Madhu Mirdha*                     Assam 
9.        Anteryami Behera                Assam 
Officers marked as (*) mentioned above were also promoted to postal Services Group B for the year 2014-15 / Supplementary DPC for the year 2013-14 and declined their regular promotion.  These officers shall be promoted only after their debarment period is over.

On behalf of AIPEU PURI we wish all the best to the officers .Both our ASPos Sri Bhagabat Sethy and Sri Banamali Patra Sir are very much popular for their praiseworthy administrative approach and cooperative attitude towards staff of this division.Sri Banamali Patra ASPO OD is known at large   being a prolific poet of the circle.Apart from that he has achieved prize and honour in All India level for his performance in the field of PLI/RPLI.
We congralulate him and wish all his prosper in service life.

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