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aipeu puri

Friday 3 October 2014

Swachh Bharat Aviyan by different Post Offices in Odisha Circle

Divisional Office, Bhubaneswar
 Cuttack GPO
 Bhoinagar SO, Bhubaneswar - 751 022
 Bonaigarh S O, Sundergarh, Odisha

Cleanliness Drive by Staff members of Circle Office, Bhubaneswar

 Sri P K Bisoi, Chief PMG, Maharastra Circle participating in Swachh Shapath conducted by C O, Bhubaneswar

Lakhs of central govt employees take cleanliness pledge

Lakhs of central govt employees take cleanliness pledge
New Delhi: Lakhs of central government employees Thursday took a pledge to ensure cleanliness in their offices and residential areas by working at least two hours per week as part of Narendra Modi administration's "Swachh Bharat" Mission.
Each central government department had made detailed arrangements to administer the pledge to its employees on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi's birth anniversary today.
It is for the first time that all employees from the level of peons to Secretary were called to the office on 'Gandhi Jayanti', which is otherwise a government-declared holiday, to be part of the 'Clean India' campaign.
Banners displaying message of maintaining cleanliness at work place and surroundings were put up on the central government office buildings and along the road sides to encourage people.
Some of the employees were also given specially-designed T-shirts displaying messages for maintaining cleanliness.
Home Secretary Anil Goswami administered the pledge to the employees of Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Personnel. Hundreds of employees participated in the programme and took the pledge.
"It is like a celebration. Employees are celebrating this. Cleanliness is a continuous process. I am sure employees will continue to ensure cleanliness in office and in living areas," said Mamta Kundra, Joint Secretary in Ministry of Personnel.
There are about 30.98 lakh central government employees in the country.
Employees took a pledge to remain committed towards cleanliness. "I will devote 100 hours per year, that is two hours per week to voluntary work for cleanliness. I will neither litter nor let others litter. I will initiate the quest for cleanliness with myself, my family, my locality, my village and my work place," reads the pledge, administered to the employees by senior officials.
The Prime Minister has given a call for "Swachh Bharat" (Clean India) as a mass movement to realise Mahatma Gandhi's dream of a clean India by 2019, when the country will celebrate 150th birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation.
"I will encourage 100 other persons to take this pledge which I am taking today. I will endeavour to make them devote their 100 hours for cleanliness," as per the text of the pledge.
Cabinet Secretary Ajit Seth had written to secretaries of all central government departments to create awareness on the matter and ensure that the pledge is administered to employees working under them.
"For a campaign of this nature to be successful, there is a need to create massive public awareness and to ensure participation and action for cleaning homes, government offices, schools, hospitals, work places, streets, roads and markets, railway stations and bus terminals, statues, monuments, rivers, lakes,ponds, parks and other public places.
"It is important to involve government and public sector officials at every level, non-government organisations, education and health institutions, rural and urban local bodies, Self-Help Groups, youth organisations, residents and market associations as well as business and industrial chambers and associations in the cleanliness and awareness drives," Seth had said in his letter.  

Swachh Bharat Mission by the Staff members of Nayapalli S O, Bhubaneswar - 751 012

Sangam City a part and parcel of 160 yrs of postal service

The postal department will complete 160 years of glorious service on Wednesday. However, many of us are unaware that the Sangam City has been a vital spot in this journey and has many firsts to its credit. From the launch of first horse cart postal service to air-mail and railway-mail service, the city has always been the first choice.

The credit of launching horse cart service in 1841 goes to prominent trader of chowk area Lala Thantimal. Owing to diversified business, he felt the need for a speedy mail service and hence the first horse cart service came into existence. His mail service also used to carry letters of public but for a price.

The launch of service led to Lala Thantimal's business growing by leaps and bound. Later, he finally settled in Kanpur. "A decade later, he started postal company 'Inland Transit Company'. Initially, the company carried mails and parcels between Kanpur and Calcutta (now Kolkata). The services were later expanded to Meerut, Delhi, Agra, Lucknow and Varanasi," said director, postal services, Krishna Kumar Yadav. Thantimal's great grandson Vinod Tandon now lives in Kanpur but is engaged in separate business. Incidentally, Yadav has conducted an extensive research on the topic.

In another first, the Britishers in 1864 launched railway-sorting section between Allahabad and Kanpur. "The section was later converted into rail mail service which now occupies over 70% of postal delivery services in the country," said the director.

The world of postal services was, however, revolutionized by world's first airmail service. It too was started from Allahabad to satellite town of Naini in 1911 and carried letters of freedom fighter Motilal Nehru written to his son Jawaharlal Nehru.

"The first air mail took off from the Parade Ground in February 18, 1911. It carried 6,500 letters and after 13 minutes it landed near the Central Jail in Naini," said Kumar, adding Allahabad was the most suitable place for starting the postal service as it was situated between Kolkata and New Delhi and between Mumbai and New Delhi.

It may be mentioned here that a clergyman of the Holy Trinity Church, currently situated on Sarojini Naidu Marg, requested Englishman Walter Windham to participate in an exhibition on Parade Ground with his aircraft. There, Windham performed an aerial show to raise funds for the construction of a hostel. As a part of their contribution, a lot of people had also posted letters with postage stamps which were delivered to Naini.
Source:-The Times of India

Government sets up five-day workshop for bureaucrats asks them to sit together and brainstorm

The Modi government now wants senior bureaucrats across the country to sit together and brainstorm in order to come up with innovative ideas, telling all states that civil servants must not remain confined to the narrow domains of their respective services and not share their experiences with their peers.

A first-of-its kind fiveday long 'Inter-Services Workshop' is being organised by the Centre in November, which will be an annual feature, so that senior bureaucrats who have put in 12-14 years of service can sit together and share their experiences of governance with each other, the Prime Minister-led Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) has written to chief secretaries of all states on September 26.

"There is no institutional mechanism by which officers at senior levels cutting across different services can come together and interact on a regular basis. It has been observed and felt that in absence of such a mechanism the officers remain confined to the narrow domains of their respective services, thereby defeating the very purpose for having such an extensive civil service in the country," says the DoPT letter to all states.

It adds that need for such an institutional interaction has been "long felt" in the backdrop of the pivotal role being played by the Indian Civil Service in policy formulation, planning and implementation in the country.

It has added that the aim of the workshop will be to share experiences of respective services, best practices adopted in policy, procedures and delivery mechanisms and the outstanding work done by the officers of different departments and other sectors.

"There will also be discussions on common problems affecting civil services and having a brainstorming session/s on the role and future of civil services in this rapidly changing scenario in the globalised environment. A comprehensive 'Way Forward' may also be worked out," the DoPT has said, saying it is a good initiative to begin with by bringing together officers who have put in 12-14 years of service.

"It is believed that sharing of experiences of respective services, best practices adopted in policy, procedures and delivery mechanisms and the excellent work done by the officers of different departments and other sectors, discussions on common problems affecting different services and having a brainstorming on the role and future of civil services in this rapidly changing scenario will go a long way in strengthening the civil services in India and in turn having a strong and vibrant administrative framework in India," the DoPT letter says.

The DoPT has added that such a mechanism, apart from keeping the officers informed of the dynamic changes in different sectors of governance, could ideally serve as a platform for them to interact on different issues of governance, share experiences on best practices and come out with innovative and conceptual ideas. DoPT has asked states to nominate officers from all civil services like 
IASIPS, IFS, IRS and IES among other services for the same.
Source:-The Economic Times

Swachh Baharat Mission by staff members of Bhubaneswar GPO


Swachh Bharat Mission by Staff members of Ashoknagar MDG in association with NFPE members

 Swachh Shapath by staff members of Ashoknagar MDG
 Swachh Bhara Abhiyan inaugurated by B Samal, Postmaster, Ashoknagar MDG
 Cleanliness drive by the staff members of Ashoknagar MDG in Unit - II Market Comples
Members of National Federation of Postal Employees joining in the cleanliness drive 
 Sri P K Bisoi, Chief PMG, Maharastra Circle, Sri P K Singh, DPS ( HQ), Bhubaneswar and Shri J Kanhar, PMG Sambalpur joining in the cleanliness drive