aipeu puri

aipeu puri

Thursday 5 May 2016

Dear all viewers,
      On behalf of AIPEU PURI we records our thanks to all of you for regularly watching our website.Number  of viewers crossed 100000,one lakh today .It evidently speaks , your  good wishes and trust upon us. we are trying our best to publish the latest development in the department as well as union. AIPEU PURI under the flagship of mighty NFPE taking care of all aspect to make this blog more meaningful and informative and effective..

We  do not forget to express our thanks and gratitude to Com.Purna Moharana SA koraput and the then SA PURI for designing this blog.In furtherance to all above I record my sincere thanks and shower my blessings to the young and vibrant comrade of this division who made this blog more attractive and effective.

If any change,addition or alteration is required ,please suggest .your advice and suggestion will be kept in tough priority.
  with fraternal greetings and a million dollar thanks to all our viewers .

                                    Com.Rajesh Bohidar

                                      Divn Secy PURI