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Tuesday 24 September 2013


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K.C.Patnaik                                                                         R.C.Mishra
President                                                                       Circle Secretary
                                                                       Vice-President CHQ & Secretary RJCM

Letter No-UN/AIPEU,Gr-C/Odisha/1-09-2013 Dated-24-09-2013.

Sri Tilak De, IPoS.
Chief Post Master General,
Odisha Circle, Bhubaneswar-751007.
Sub-Maladministration, rampant corrupted actions, total stalemate in work culture of Puri divisional administration- a clear show of inefficiency of SSPOs to handle the work of vast division like Puri- request for immediate transfer of present SSPOs Puri to save from further damage of the division-reg.
Ref-The minute of agenda item no 8-8/2012 of Bi-Monthly Meeting dated 16-12-2012 and dated 17-09-2013.
Respected Sir,
This Circle union alleged through the above agenda item in Bi-Monthly meeting with DPS (HQ), held on 16-08-2012 focusing on total failure of divisional administration to maintain normal work culture, resulting to total collapse of development works throughout the division. The following allegations were brought to the kind notice of the then DPS (HQ) in anticipation of improvement of the situations and making a way for better functioning of the divisional administration.
1- Non-sanction of leave cases of officials for years together, thereby causing non-regularization of service books of the officials.
2- Non-sanction of OTA, TA, Medical bills of the officials. Huge pendency bills are available, but the funds under the heads to the tune of lakhs were surrendered in last financial year. As per information collected under RTI an amount of Rs. 1,07,000/- was surrendered by SSPOs to CO, keeping pending of the medical bills amounting to Rs. 2,01,000/ as on 31-03-2013. Similar is the case of sanction of OTA bills & TA bills, there is huge pending of such bills and the fund under the heads were refunded in last financial year.
3- Non-sanction of MIS incentive bills, speed post incentive bills. Non-grant of MACP to staffs, non-issue of RPLI pass books to the holder for years. Non-sanction of fees of doctors in lieu of certificates in RPLI proposal forms for years.
4- Even the GPF advances of officials were not sanctioned and were blocked with the plea of submission land documents, medical proofs.
5- Non-sanction EDGIS to GDS employees for years together.

The above matters were brought for rectification of the irregularities on CO interference, but it is quite dismay to intimate that no improvement in working standard of SSPOs has been noticed. Rather, he supplied some false report to circle office on above alleged matters which are far away from truth. The SSPOs also started vindictive action against our staff members on protests of this union on above subjects. In last rotational transfer memo he transferred our officials to the remote offices, even without completion of their tenure. Though we have 70% of staff strength, none of our member was transferred as OA divisional office and divisional office was flooded with members of other union with ill intention. Some of the cases were modified taking the case at CPMG level. Even after the personal intervention of CPMG to accord modification, he dared to take minimum more than one month that to by persuasion by DPS (HQ).
 oabove he used to enjoy HRA every month without occupying post quarter meant for SSPOs. This has been alleged against him by this union and it has been reported that attempt is going on with the collaboration of PM Puri HO to demolish some portions of the quarter(which has been totally furnished after making expenditure of lakhs) to show it unfit for living in order to avoid recovery of HRA. This temperament shows to what extent a senior official like him can go down for shake of his own selfishness?. In addition to non-occupation of this post quarter at Puri, it has been also alleged that he possessed one quarter at Berhampur.
In addition to above, he is involved in rampant corruption in the appointment of GDSBPMs and a lot of irregularities have come to lime light. Massive irregularities were made in showing community wise vacancies, deviating from the recruitment guidelines. Similarly, illegal purchases were made in clear violation of standing Financial Rules and bogus vouchers worth huge amounts were made. There are gross irregularities in purchase of articles through LPC made under his chairmanship showing purchases from bogus firms.
Under the circumstances, it is our fervent appeal to kindly consider for shifting of the present SSPOs from Puri division to save it from further destruction & for better implementation various schemes launched by the Department in Puri division.
                                                                              WITH REGARDS.
                                                                           Yours faithfully

                                                                           Circle Secretary
Copy to-Com. Rajesh Bohidar, Divisional Secretary, Puri division for information.

                                                                                       Circle Secretary