aipeu puri

aipeu puri

Wednesday 11 January 2012

Induction training for IPs at PTC Vodoadara postponed to 30th January

 The induction training to IPs at PTC Vododara was scheduled to start from 23.01.2012. It is now postponed to 30.01.2012. All concerned IPs need to revise their journey programme accordingly.

The Induction training of PAs/SAs at PTC, Vadodara will also start from 30.1.2012 instead of 23.1.2012. The PAs/SAs who are already directed to undergo Induction training at PTC Vadodara will be required to report at PTC Vadodara on 30.1.2012.

120 seats for Induction training for PAs of Odisha Circle have been allotted at PTC Madurai. This is over and above the seats allotted at PTC, Vadodara for the Induction training of PAs/SAs to start from 30.1.2012. The Induction training at PTC Madurai will start from 6.2.2012. Circle Office will make seat allotment to Divisions for Induction training at PTC Madurai.