aipeu puri

aipeu puri

Friday 16 December 2016

Agenda items for forthcoming RJCM Meeting of Odisha Circle

Dear Comrade,
The following are the agenda items for the forth-coming RJCM Meeting. It is requested to intimate immediately the name of the offices where the UPS batteries are damaged and required  to be replaced with new ones. So also please also furnish immediately the names of offices and the quarters in damaged condition ( name of the Postal  colonies) for threadbare discussion on the issues in RJCM Meeting.
Comradely yours,

Leader RJCM (Staff Side) &
C.S.AIPEU, Gr-C, Odisha.

                                          AGENDA ITEMS

Item No-1/12-2016:- Request to kindly stop deployment of staff frequently on Sundays/Holidays and in case of calling on staff in urgent situation, proper remuneration may be granted.

Brief:- It has been observed that the staff are being called for frequently on Sundays & Holidays either for delivery of E-commerce parcels or for works under demonetization Scheme without mention of proper remuneration for their working on such. Similarly, for working of staff before and after office hours under demonetization scheme, there are no orders for payments of the amount to staff. The weekend off and holidays are being denied to staff, that to without proper payment of amount has created strong discontentment among staff. Directorate’s orders not to call staff on Sundays/Holidays frequently is also deviated. It is urged for stoppage of such irregular work and for consideration of proper remuneration in case of urgency.

Item No-2/12-2016:- Request for replacement of damaged batteries of UPSs in the offices in the entire Circle including acute problem in this regard in the offices of Berhampur Region.

Brief:- It is seen that the UPS batteries of most of the offices are damaged and no action is being taken for their replacement. During power failure there is sudden shutdown of computers without back up of the UPSs, is causing serious dislocation to work and loss of data. The problem is acute in the offices of Berhampur Region.  The floating of tender for procurement of batteries is reported to be Rs. 17 lakhs and referred to the Directorate, creating unnecessary delay & there is dislocation to works for years together. Hence, it is requested for  early solution to this type of issue.

Item No:-3/12-2016- Complete dislocation to repair & maintenance work of Postal quarters and building. Request for urgent action on such to remove poor condition of quarters & Departmental buildings.

Brief:- It has been marked that the condition of Postal quarters & buildings are in worst condition due to lack of repairing & maintenance of the same for years together. The dwellers of Postal quarters in various colonies of entire circle are expressing their discontentment due lack of proper maintenance of quarters. It is requested to kindly take some urgent action to ensure timely repair & maintenance works to quarters & buildings to save them from damages