aipeu puri

aipeu puri

Saturday 30 July 2016

circle union address to all office bearer/divisional secys to check the correct figure in HSG 11 posts division wise.

                                     N F P E
Trilochan Parida                                                                                               R.C.Mishra
 President                                                                                                        Circle Secretary
                                                                                   Vice-President CHQ & Leader RJCM
No. UN/AIPEU, Gr-C/Odisha/0-2016                                                          Dated-30-07-2016.

           All Circle Office Bearers
           All Divisional Secretaries.

Sub- Request to examine the number of HSG-II posts declared by Circle Office vide letter No EST/1-2Rlg/2016-Corr dated 20-07-2016 and to report on any shortfall-reg.

Dear Comrade,
        The Directorate vide letter No 25-04/2012-P.E.I dated 27-05-2016 has allotted 301 HSG-II posts for Odisha circle, but Circle Office has declared only 189 HSG-II posts while distributing HSG-II posts among the divisions. We have protested against such irregular declaration. It has been pointed out by Circle administration that as per guidelines of the Directorate in Clause “b” the posts of SPMs of Triple handed offices & all norm based LSG posts have been converted, but still shortfall has been found to reach the number of HSG-II posts, numbering 301. The matter has been reported to the Directorate accordingly by CO administration.

     Therefore, it is requested to examine correctly the actual number of SPM posts of Triple handed post offices + all norm based LSG posts of your division and the total of such posts may be tallied with the number of HSG-II posts allotted against your division. Any shortfall marked may please be intimated by E-mail for taking further action in the matter. A quick response is awaited.

                                                                      Comradely Yours

                                                                           Circle Secretary