aipeu puri

aipeu puri

Wednesday 11 December 2013

Approval of candidates by CRC, Odisha Circle met on 06.12.2013 for engagement as GDS on compassionate grounds

Department of Posts: India

Office of the Chief Postmaster General

Odisha Circle, Bhubaneswar-751001

 No. CRC/Meeting-GDS/2013  dated at Bhubaneswar  10.12.2013


          The Postmaster General Berhampur/Sambalpur Region

          All SSPOs/SPOs/SSRM/SRMs in Odisha Circle

           I am directed to intimate that  the  CRC met for the selection for engagement of dependents of Gramin Dak Sevaks who have died in service and to consider the cases in which there are directions/ orders from Hon’ble Court/ Hon’ble CAT.

          The CRC considered 51 cases of GDS for engagement on compassionate ground in accordance with the instruction issued by Department of Posts, New Delhi vide letter Nos. 17-17/2010-GDS dated 14.12.2010 and 1.8.2011, 09.03.2012, 13.04.2012 and 09.10.2013 and approved following cases for engagement for the GDS Posts mentioned against each.

Sl No.

Name of the applicant with relationship  and Name, designation & Date of  death of deceased GDS

Qualification & DOB of applicant

Total Points awarded

Approved by CRC for engagement as


Smt. Mamata Panda, W/o Late Prasanna Ku. Panda, Ex-GDSBPM, Pathuriapada BO i.a.w. Banki MDG, 8.12.2012

VIII pass   20.4.1979


GDSMC,   Pathuriapada BO in a/w Banki MDG, CK City Divn


P.Nabin Narayan, S/o Late P.Ganesh Rao, Ex-GDSPkr/MC, Sector-5, Rourkela, 03.06.2011

10th pass 15.1.1991


GDS Packer/MC, Sector-5 (RKL)


Smt. Sambari Ho, W/o Late Ramachandra Ho, Ex-GDSMD, Astakuanr BO unser Josjipur SO, 24.04.2013

VIII pass   04.3.1990


GDSMD, Astakuanr BO under Joshipur SO, MBJ Dn.


Hemanta Kumar Nayak, S/o Late Kandhuni Nayak, Ex-GDSMP, Bhatakumarada SO, 07.07.2012

Plus Two 12.5.1993


GDSMP, Bhatakumarada SO.


Smt. Naliniprava Sahoo, W/o Late Purna Ch. Sahoo, Ex-GDSBPM, Khajurai BO i.a.w. Brahmagiri SO, 27.05.2013

Plus three  23.7.1974


GDSBPM, Kantia BO under Jatni MDG


Manoj Naik, S/o LateBihari Naik, Ex-GDSTMP, Attamallik-Kishorganj Line under Angul HO,03.11.2006

Plus Three 14.04.1980


GDSMD Kampala BO under Athamallik SO.


Smt. Siwani Kamble, W/o Late Amit Ku.Meher, Ex-GDSBPM, Gudighat BO under Muribahal SO, 21.12.2012

HSC      15.8.1992


GDSBPM, Gudighat BO under Muribahal SO. (BGR Dn.)


Jaganath Malik, S/o Late  Madhab Malik, Ex-GDSMC, Madanpur SO, 04.10.2012

10th pass 11.1.1987


GDSMC,   Madanpur SO by Ck. North Dn.


Sunil Kumar Dash, S/o Late Babulal Dash, Ex-GDSBPM, Kansingha BO under Rajborasambar SO, 12.01.2011

Plus two  12.7.1984


GDSBPM, Kansingha BO under R.B.Sambar SO.


Satrughna Parida, S/o Late Arakhita Parida, Ex-GDSMD, Koro BO under Choudakulat SO, 21.07.2012

HSC pass 09.7.1981


GDSMD, Koro BO under Choudakulat SO.


Nilambar Sethi, S/o Late Chintamani Sethi, Ex-GDSMC, Kolam BO under Gandhichowk SO, 26.12.2008

Plus Two  28.4.1994


GDSMD/MC, Meriabandhli BO under Junagarh SO


Miss Jyotshnarani Dash, D/o Late Ramesh Ch. Dash, Ex-GDSMD, Dubeipur BO under Gabkund SO,07.01.2011

IX pass  13.7.1990


GDSPkr/MC, Kalika Devi Sahi SO         (Puri Dn.)


Geetanjali Kanhar, D/o Late Bibhisan Kanhar, Ex-GDSMD/MC, Dimiriguda BO under Phiringia SO,  18.03.2009

VIII pass   08.6.1991


GDSMC, Dimiriguda BO under Phiringia SO


Rabindra Behera, S/o Late Goura Ch. Behera, Ex-GDSMD, Pokharibandha BO under Biswanathpur SO, 17.03.2004

Plus two   10.6.1991


GDSMC-1, Manikera BO under M.Rampur SO.


Shasanka Sekhar Kumbhar S/o Late Sishupal Barik, Ex-GDSMC, Deogaon SO, 25.08.2012

Plus two         06.4.1995


GDSMC, Deogaon SO. (BGR Dn.)


Duryodhan Panda, S/o Late Krushna Ch. Panda, Ex-GDSMD, Sangrampur BO under Balikuda SO, 28.11.2011

BA Pass, 18.9.1986


GDSMD, Sangrampur BO under Balikuda SO         


Bibhudatta Mohanty, S/o Late Chittaranjan Mohanty, Ex-GDSBPM, Ramakrusnapur BO under Barapada SO, 02.03.2012

Matric pass           12.6.1993


GDSBPM, Ramakrusnapur BO under Barapada SO by SPOs Bhadrak.


Sarat Kumar Das, S/o Late Basudev Das, Ex-GDSPkr, Ghanteswar SO, 05.03.2013

Matric pass  07.5.1983


GDS Packer, Ghanteswar SO

The selection of above candidates for engagement as GDS  is subject to the following conditions:

  1. No material fact that would adversely affect their selection on relaxation ground is suppressed by the candidates in the synopsis submitted by them.
  2. The selection can be cancelled at any time if any error is detected in the information supplied by them which has aided their selection.
  3. If any error is detected after the candidate is engaged as GDS on relaxation ground, the engagement will be terminated forthwith.
  4. The candidates on their engagement as GDS will take care of the family members of the deceased GDS. A declaration to this effect has to be obtained and kept on record.
  5. The male candidate should not have married on the date of engagement.
            It is requested to take further necessary action at your end for engagement of the above candidates selected for GDS following usual formalities within a fortnight and report compliance.
    For CPMG, Odisha Circle,
    Copy to- The concerned compassionate appointment case file.